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Rustic 6 inch white oak plank floorsOver the last 14 years, Colonial Plank Floors has hand-crafted more than 700 floors for customers all across the country. We specialize in wide plank, colonial, and farmhouse reproduction flooring for those looking to bring Old World charm into their home. The craftsmanship of our plank floors is so time honored and universal; we even ship to customers in Europe!

Located 20 miles north of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, our family-run company works to create stunning hardwood floors for home all across America. We primarily utilize white and red oak and prefinish most of our floors using a variety of hand-applied and hand-rubbed finishes.

We buy our wood from suppliers who employ eco-friendly practices and we use historically accurate woodworking methods to create our flooring’s charming look. With Colonial Plank Floors, you’ll feel as if you’ve truly stepped into the past.

On our blog, we’ll be providing more information on our products, finishes, and the techniques used to create them. We’ll also offer home design and décor tips so you can style your home to fit our plank floors perfectly. Whether you live in Main or Arizona, you can install beautiful, historically styled flooring in your home. Contact Colonial Plank Floors today at (215) 997-3390 for information on how to order.