Our Select Red Oak Flooring

Hand-Cut, Period-Style Wide Red Oak Planks

Our 11-inch wide red oak flooring is crafted with the clearest planks we offer. Select red oak is characterized by its clear grain, minimal knots, and long lengths that measure up to 13 feet. Each plank is cut from kiln dried lumber, hand-edged with 18th-century tools, and finished with hand-rubbed oil or stains and top coats. Rustic planks over 7 inches must be nailed with colonial rosehead nails or fastened with screws and plugs. Colonial Plank Floors offer two size ranges that exhibit different characteristics and price points.

6, 7, & 8 inch Tongue & Groove Planks

Tongue and groove planks are our biggest seller in red oak planks and provide the best value for our customers. 6, 7, and 8 inch wide planks in a variety of long lengths are available for those looking for larger planks for their home at a great price. We highly recommend fastening them together with colonial rosehead nails to ensure an authentic, period-style look and the tightest fit.

7, 9, & 11 inch Tongue & Groove Planks

These particular tongue and groove planks are the largest and widest rustic planks we offer at Colonial Plank Floors. Actual plank widths measure 7 inches, 8.25 inch, and 10.25 inch with each floor consisting of about one-third of each size for a random look. They are cut from premium, kiln-dried red oak stock, hand-edged, and hand-finished.

We strive to deliver a look reminiscent of traditional wide red oak flooring from the 1700s. To confirm our authenticity, we have installed our flooring in several Bucks County, PA homes dating back to 1730 and they fit the décor perfectly.

Nearly all of our planks are sold pre-finished. Whether it is our European natural oil or a stained and oiled finish, every coat is hand-applied and hand-rubbed to achieve a patina that cannot be matched by high-speed spraying equipment. If you want proof, just check the back of our finished planks and samples to find our handprints!

Red Oak

Long Hand Cut Period Style Planks With Hand Rubbed Stain and European Oil Topcoats. Shown here 6, 7 & 8 inch planks.

Red Oak

Raw Planks ready for Hand Cutting. It takes a lot of hard work to turn these boards into finished floor planks.

We Use Techniques from over 250 Years

Our red oak planks are 100% made in Pennsylvania, and every hand-cut wide plank goes through ten woodworking steps utilizing traditional hand tools. We match every plank against a master plank to check for perfect fit, edging, and straightness to ensure your flooring will fit together perfectly. We add just enough distressing and pay close attention to details such as matching custom thresholds and color-matching authentic 18th-century-style nails.

Features of Our Select Red Oak Flooring:

  • Lengths up to 13 feet, average about 9 feet
  • These planks will be almost free of knots, saw kerfs, and sap lines
  • Hand-crafted and hand-finished
  • Hand-cut, live edged or squared and softened edges and ends
  • Selective distressing
  • Tongue and groove joints


  • Planks are ¾ inch thick red oak and are kiln dried to 8% or less.
  • Actual widths can vary about a ¼ inch depending on stock availability. The difference is not noticeable, and the production quantity is adjusted to ensure you receive the total square footage purchased.
  • All top edges are hand-cut using spoke shaves, draw knives, files, and rasps just as they did 250 years ago. We can selectively distress the planks depending on customer preferences.
  • Squared and softened edges are available instead of the hand-cut edging on 6-inch planks whether you choose to top nail or not.