Our Rustic Planks

When customers visit our shop, we first ask them to imagine the mood they want their spaces to represent. If they are looking for the feeling and character of an old farmhouse, a colonial-period home, a southwestern ranch, or an old New York loft, they have come to the right place!

At Colonial Plank Floors, we do not produce perfect, polished flooring. Our locally sourced hardwood lumber has the style and character that only many years of life can add to the planks. Your choices in wood species, edge treatment, surface texture, distressing, and finish options will determine the look, feel, and mood of your finished floor.

Rustic Planks with Old World Charm & Great Value!

100% Made in Pennsylvania

Each of our handcrafted planks goes through ten woodworking steps that utilize traditional hand tools. We match each of our rustic planks against a master plank to check the fit, edging, and straightness to ensure they will fit together perfectly. We then add your preferred level of distressing, paying attention to all of the details, from matching custom thresholds and using authentic 18th-century-style color-matched nails.

When choosing the materials for your plank floors, they are defined by these three elements:

  1. Wood species
  2. Level of surface texture and distressing
  3. Edge treatments
Hardwood Flooring in Small Room

Wood Species

At Colonial Plank Floors, we use the best kiln-dried solid hardwood lumber sourced from Pennsylvania and the surrounding states by a long-standing company. Our unique hand-cut plank floors are characterized by long boards of solid hardwood with amazing hand-cut texture and beautiful hand-rubbed finishes. We predominantly work with the white oak and red oak species, as they were commonly used in early American homes and are still abundantly available in our local region.

6 inch Rustic White Oak Planks with Hand Cut EdgingRustic White Oak

Our ¾-inch thick white oak rustic planks are nearly identical to milled, reclaimed oak, but at a much lower cost. When comparing reclaimed expenses, be sure to consider the initial value of the planks, additional waste factors, installation, finishing, and delivery costs. Our rustic white oak planks are available in 6, 7, and 9-inch widths, our most popular being the 6 inch. These planks have beautiful knots and more intricate graining than red oak planks and are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Our rustic white oak floors are a fantastic choice for any style, including colonial reproduction, farmhouse, loft or barn restorations, and commercial venues such as retail stores and restaurants.

Wide Red Oak

Our gorgeous red oak planks will have fewer knots and a more uniform grain than our white oak flooring options. These ¾-inch thick planks are kiln-dried, an average of 9 feet long, and are available in 5, 7, 9, or 11-inch widths. Red oak planks work with colonial reproduction and a variety of formal styles. Our stunning planks are mostly finished with darker stains with a European oil or polyurethane top coat.

Other Hardwood Species

Along with our red and white oak planks, we also have a variety of other wood species available, including rustic cherry, rustic hickory, wormy red oak, walnut, and poplar. If you are interested in any of these other species, let us know, and we will prepare a quote based on current market prices. Each plank can range from 4 to 13 feet in length and 5.75 to 10.75 inches in face width. We hand-craft and finish each style with your preferred choice of stains and top coat.

Edge Treatments

At Colonial Plank Floors, we offer three different edging styles, squared and softened edging, “live” edging, and hand-cut edging. Each of these techniques can drastically change the character of the floor and can be applied to any of our available species.

Rustic 6 inch White Oak - Calico Colors and European Oil FinishSquared & Softened Edging

We slightly round and soften all the top edges of your planks using hand-sanding blogs and rasps. This edging treatment provides some texture to the planks, but overall less shape than our hand-cut or live edging and is a more contemporary or formal style. On rustic white oak planks, this style is perfect for homes, lofts, barn renovations, and commercial applications. Squared and softened edging will leave the joints between planks straight and tight while the top edges have a soft texture, giving the planks a handmade look and charm of a custom floor.

"Live" Edging

Live edged planks are put through the same process as our squared and softened edging. We then selectively cut in random gapping between the planks, so the joints are not perfectly straight like a modern floor. They also have more texture on the sides than squared and softened edges. This type of edging was inspired by original plank flooring we found in a 1740 cabin in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania and will closely resemble reclaimed planking.

Hand-Cut Edging

We can ease the top edges even more by hand-cutting with old-style hand tools for a more shaped style that is true to early colonial planking. Our most rustic planks combine the hand-cut edging and live edging styles, so the planks have a considerable amount of character and shape on the top. This also allows for slight random gapping along the side edges of the planks, so they do not look machine-made.


For a more rustic and aged style, we can apply extra distressing to any of our planks in the form of circular saw marks, band saw marks, wormholes, and deeper brushing at no additional charge. The amount of distressing is entirely up to you, and the best instruction we ever heard from a customer was “Do it until you are ashamed!” Most customers who want distressing choose 15% to 25% distressed planks.

Contact us for more information on our hardwood lumber flooring. Based in Colmar, Pennsylvania, we provide flooring to clients nationwide.