Finishes for our Plank Floors

There is a reason why 95% of our rustic planks are sold prefinished. We finish all of our planks by hand and pay attention to details better than anyone else making prefinished oak flooring. To get the beautiful, deep finishes that we offer, we use only the best top finishes and wood stain colors you can buy in Colmar, Pennsylvania. Our new “weathered” finishes are quickly becoming one of our most popular choices for rustic flooring. Each coat is painstakingly applied by hand in our shop.

1. European Natural Oil

Our European Natural Oil finish is an excellent improvement over Tung oil and is one of the most beautiful and environmentally safe finishes in the world. This oil is a microporous finish that penetrates and becomes part of the plank floors. We recommend this finish on any of the hardwood species we offer, and it is not a wear coat, therefore cannot chip, crack, or peel. Photos do not do this finish justice!

Imported from Germany, where strict environmental standards have been in place for decades, this hard-wax oil consists of thistle oil, sunflower oils, natural vegetable oils, carnauba wax, candelilla wax, and special hardeners. On unstained oak, it ages to a beautiful golden color that resists stains, wine, alcohol, and water. These rustic planks will never need complete refinishing. They will only require occasional maintenance, which includes the easy application of a cleaner wax or the original oil if necessary to restore the original finish to new condition. It can be spot repaired quickly and is the perfect floor to live with if you have an active household full of children or pets. Our prefinished oak flooring is so good, we offer a lifetime warranty against chipping, peeling, and cracking.

2. Wood Tone Stains in Solid Colors

Wood tone stains add an extra dimension of color to the finish and enhance the graining and character of your plank floors. We use special wiping stains that allow us to control the penetration and patina of the colors. Their colors are derived from solid pigments, which resist fading far better than cheaper stains using dyes.

Light Colors Medium Colors Dark Colors
Barn Wash GrayBarn Wash Gray Tavern BrownTavern Brown


Saddle LeatherSaddle Leather Royal Mahogany
Royal Mahogany
Moorish Teak
Moorish Teak
Coastal Brown
Coastal Brown
Black Onyx
Black Onyx

3. "Weathered" Finishes

This aged prefinished oak flooring style was introduced a few years ago with our blackened farmhouse planks for a customer who wanted a more aged look than our natural oil or solid color stains. We started with white oak rustic planks stained with black onyx, then sanded off all of the surface color to highlight just the grain and distressing. After adding a bit of deeper brushing, we finished them with three coats of the European oil finish. The result was a floor unlike any we had produced thus far and featured a rich texture and an oiled surface with a black background in the grain and knots.

We now offer any of our solid colors in the weathered finish style. We can apply this style to any of our solid colors, or we can mix background colored planks for a fantastic calico design. This style makes a great floor for a beach house, loft, or anywhere that you want the look of reclaimed planking without the expense. Weathered planking is also fantastic for pets and active households.

Popular Weathered Finishes
Weathered Brown
Weathered Brown Planks
Weathered Rosewood
Weathered Rosewood Planks
Weathered Coastal Brown
Weathered Coastal Brown Planks
Weathered Coastal Gray
Weathered Coastal Gray Planks
Weathered Mocha Planks
Weathered Mocha Planks

4. Durable Top Coats

Choose from two durable top coats to finish off your stained or weathered plank floors.

European Natural Oil Top Coats

This is the most historic looking flooring option we offer at Colonial Plank Floors. It yields a more natural looking plank that will show character marks and signs of aging more than any other finish and is a magnificent recreation of colonial flooring. The hand-rubbed oil and wood tone stain colors will deepen over time, further enhancing the character of the finish. Almost every floor we have sold for homes that are more than 200 years old has been the oil finish over stained or weathered planking.

Commercial Polyurethane Top Coats

Our commercial polyurethane (basic streetshoe XL) is a clear, UV-resistant, and durable finish. This finish offers a two-part catalyzed coating and is one of the best commercial finishes available anywhere in the world. It is used primarily in homes, restaurants, shopping malls, and gymnasiums and is even used in the U.S. Olympic Training Center and The Sydney Opera House.

At Colonial Plank Floors, we offer polyurethane in satin or super matte. Two coats of polyurethane are hand-applied onto our rustic planks over a layer of catalyzed sealer to ensure proper adhesion. We also finish all edges, ends, and bottoms of the planks for stability.

Contact our staff to learn more about our wood stain colors and finishes at Colonial Plank Floors. Based in Colmar, Pennsylvania, we provide flooring to clients nationwide.