How To Order our Rustic Planks

When interested in ordering our rustic planks for your home, please follow the steps below.

  1. Call Colonial Plank Floors at (215) 997-3390 to request pricing. You can also submit your request on our contact
  2. Review the quote to ensure the prices are in line with your project budget. When you inform us that you want to proceed with the process, we will send you samples of our rustic planks at no charge and no obligations.
  3. If you want to place an order on our random width flooring and have any questions, please contact us via phone or email. We will put together an order form detailing the flooring you want, the total fixed price, and the deposit due with the signed order.
  4. After we receive your signed order and deposit, we will schedule production and create your farmhouse hardwood floors.
  5. At delivery, you will need to have someone available to receive the planks. We deliver most of our flooring so we can meet our customers face to face. If we are delivering to you, we will also help you unload. We would also appreciate additional assistance with larger orders.
  6. Your final payment is due at delivery or before shipment if we are delivering via common carrier.

Important note: If you cannot accept delivery by the due date listed on the order form, we can make arrangements to hold your planks for you. We do not charge for storage, but we do ask that the remaining balance due is paid by the original due date.

Price Quote

Provide us with the following information, and we will prepare a price quote for you to consider. If you have any further questions about our farmhouse hardwood floors, do not hesitate to contact us.

Other Helpful Information

Optional items: Tell us if we need to quote any of the following: thresholds, bullnose stair edges, or full stair treads.

Preferred flooring type: Please be sure to specify the flooring type you desire, such as 6-inch rustic white oak planks, wide red oak planks, or random width flooring.

Desired delivery date: If you have a desired delivery date for your planks, please inform us so we can work accordingly.

Phone number: Please provide us with your phone number when placing an order so we can keep in constant contact throughout the process.

Additional info: If there is any other information you feel might be important, please inform us before quoting your flooring.

We will help you plan your floor and provide you with a fixed price quote for the planks, supplies, and delivery to your door.

Contact our staff at Colonial Plank Floors to learn more about our hardwood flooring options. We are based in Colmar, PA and provide our floors to clients nationwide.