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Which of our 3 Edging Styles Should You Choose?

rustic planksColonial Plank Floors offers beautiful hardwood flooring suitable for many different home décor styles. At our family-run shop, we produce all of our rustic planks by hand using 18th-century tools and techniques. There are three different finishes that we use on our planks, all of which are artfully applied to create stunning, one of a kind plank floors.

  1. European Natural Oil

As one of the most environmentally friendly finishes out there, our European natural oil finish is stunning and works with any of the hardwood species we sell. This oil is microporous and will become a part of the wood over time. It also does not chip, crack, or peel throughout use.

  1. Solid Color Woodtone Stains

Woodtone stains can add an extra pop of color to finishes and enhance the character of our planks. We can control the saturation and penetration of these colors on the wood, leaving you with a stunning, fade-resistant pigment topped off with our European Natural Oil finish.

  1. Weathered Finish

Deep brushing on stained planks gives us our Farmhouse finishes (weathered, blackened, and calico). We recommend this finish for farmhouse styled homes using rustic white oak planks. This option is also great for households with pets or children. This weathered finish produces a plank floor much like reclaimed planking and offers a truly unique look for any home, beach house, or loft.

All About our Hand Crafted Hardwood Plank Floors, Part 2

Rustic white oak plankAt Colonial Plank Floors, we create unique and beautiful solid hardwood plank floors for homes all over the United States.

Our floors are well suited for 250-year-old farmhouses as well as offices, restaurants and newly constructed homes and have been used in every style home from original 1680 colonials to lofts in New York City

On top of Natural Oil hardwood planks, we also offer solid color planks and planks in a weathered style. If you are looking for a more aged look in your flooring, we can apply this textured, weathering process to any of our solid stains. This look is perfect for a farmhouse style, a beach home or anywhere you want a reclaimed look. It is a great option if you have pets or active households, as it easily hides any scuffs from paws, claws, and feet.

When it comes to our planks, we pride ourselves on our ability to produce beautifully hand-scraped flooring for our customers with a less “manufactured” look than any of our competitors. Using 18th-century tools and techniques, our staff finishes each plank by hand to create gorgeous, one of a kind floors that will be the centerpiece of your home.

Our handcrafted planks will add an element of warmth and charm to your home like no other. Our flooring comes with a historical character that just cannot be matched by larger stores and companies.  If you are interested in our hand-scraped flooring, stop by our shop in Colmar, PA or give us a call today at (215) 997-3390.